GC Initial LiSi

Do you want to know what it’s like to use GC’s Initial LiSi product? Joshua Polansky, dental technician and owner of Niche Dental Studio, recently tested Initial LiSi on a number of cases and was surprised by the results. This is what he had to say:

Here are five reasons why you should consider GC Initial LiSi:

  1. Superior natural aesthetics, specially designed and adapted to the light dynamics of lithium disilicate frameworks
  2. Low firing temperature and exactly cross-matched coefficients of thermal expansion with high stability, even after multiple firings
  3. Comprehensive shade and layering system
  4. Simple handling and short learning curve
  5. Quick, aesthetic and economical results


If you are interested in using Initial LiSi yourself, why not take advantage of our two-week promotion?

Buy 1 Initial LiSi Advanced Set, Get 1 Initial LiSi Basic Set FREE! ($702 Retail Value)

Offer valid from 5/11/2015 – 5/25/2015


Inside the GC Initial LiSi Basic Set

Fulfills the need of the minimal layering technique on top of the LiSi frame.

  • 6 main Vita(TM) shades (all 16 Vita (TM) shades available as refills)
  • 1 Bleach Shade
  • Enamels & Translucent
  • Modeling Liquid
  • Printed Shade Guide
  • Technique Guide

Inside the GC Initial LiSi Advanced Set

Fulfills the need of the more elaborate aesthetic layering technique on top of the LiSi frame.

  • Insides
  • Fluo dentines
  • Enamel opalescent
  • Cervical translucent
  • Modelling liquid
  • Printed shade guide

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