Do you want to preserve teeth while using a trusted material for multiple indications?

Do you want to diversify your dentistry to offer your patients more?

EQUIA by GC is a new dimension in restorative dentistry! EQUIA restorations are based on glass ionomer technology and have never been so aesthetic and translucent, high-performing and economical. EQUIA is the first to combine quick and easy handling with perfect physical and incomparably aesthetic properties.

The advantages of using EQUIA are:

  • No bonding agent needed, chemical adhesion with tooth structure
  • Low moisture sensitivity
  • Bulk placement with only 3’30” in total needed from start to finish
  • Filler content provides wear resistance and fracture toughness
  • Optimal protection of marginal seal for long-lasting restorations
  • Tooth-colored restorative material, with real translucency and natural gloss and smoothness

To show you just how versatile EQUIA is in the dental office, GCAmerica has compiled a clinical chart with case study images provided by Dr Mark Cannon. The document details the various indications this system can be used for to perform minimally invasive dentistry with the best aesthetic and functional outcomes for patients. The indications are:

  1. Class I and small Class II
  2. Amalgam replacement
  3. Class V and root surface caries
  4. Occlusal pit primary dentition
  5. Buccal pit primary dentition

The document shows how EQUIA enables the dentist to do minimally invasive preparation design, with shortened preparation time and trauma, preserving as much healthy tooth structure as possible. Due to EQUIA’s self-adhesive adhesive properties, no bonding steps are required. It is also moist field compatible, making it possible to work in the most difficult environments. EQUIA also offers sustained fluoride protection for long lasting restorations, high strength and excellent marginal integrity in addition to creating highly aesthetic restorations.

To download your copy of Five minimally invasive restorative techniques using EQUIA at not cost, simply click here.