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Countdown to GC’s 100th Anniversary!


GC will be celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2021. For the purpose of communicating to all societies its slogan of “Smile for the World” toward the realization of “Vision 2021”, targeting at the year of 2021, GC had designed a symbol in February 2017 to convey the concept of “GC Contributing to Health and Smile of People in the World”.

On this occasion, GC has added another message of “Since 1921 Towards Century of Health” to that symbol and started a “Countdown” in the wake of 1,000 days left to February 11, 2021 being its 100th anniversary. The symbol hopes to convey its message that GC has been devoting over a century to the development and provision of equipment, contributing to the health of people through dental care, and intends to further accelerate the momentum toward the 100th anniversary by broadly communicating how the “Colleagues” of GC will continue to move forward hand in hand. You can find the status of the “Countdown” at the top our homepage.

This symbol will be used on a variety of occasions until the 100th anniversary.

Understanding the 21st century as the “Century of Health”, GC aims to become the best comprehensive dental care manufacturer in the world that will, through dental care, continue to encourage people all over the world to live.

The GC Group will further make cooperative efforts so we can continue to contribute to the health and smile of people in the world. GC greatly appreciates your continued guidance and support.

The New Pressable Ceramic Endorsed by Lab Experts

GC Initial™ LiSi Press is a new high strength lithium disilicate ingot from GC America with HDM (High Density Micronization) Technology. This proprietary new technology provides unsurpassed physical properties and superior aesthetics.

GC America has released GC Initial LiSi Press, to offer dental laboratories a more aesthetic, stable and easy to use solution. With nearly 100 years of experience in dental materials, GC is known worldwide for its innovative technology, endorsed by clinicians and technicians alike.

The HDM Technology found inside GC Initial LiSi Press utilizes equally dispersed lithium disilicate micro-crystals to fill the entire glass matrix rather than using traditional larger size crystals that do not take full advantage of the entire matrix structure. As result, GC Initial LiSi Press is a formidable combination of strength and aesthetics, making it suitable for all types of dental restorations. Most importantly, this technology allows the product to be stable and strong, without distortion or a drop in value. GC Initial LiSi Press is also perfectly optimized to be used with the already proven GC Initial LiSi veneering ceramic to provide your patients with the strongest, most aesthetic, and stable option available.

GC Initial LiSi Press properties


  • Unsurpassed Flexural Strength (>450MPa) with HDM Technology
  • Unparalleled aesthetics
  • Rich, warm, and bright colors with excellent fluorescence
  • Virtually no reaction layer when divested which allows cleaner presses
  • Low abrasion
  • Optimized to be used with the proven GC Initial™ LiSi veneering ceramic and GC Initial™ Lustre Pastes NF
  • Seamless learning curve
  • Lower solubility than other leading brands
  • Material and color stability after repeated rings
  • Wear resistant


In the back of the mouth, these restorations don’t look great, they look beautiful.

Dane Barlow, Dental Technician


  1. WATCH 

Icons_Content Offer-01

In this brief and informative video, Dental Technician, Dane Barlow, reviews the GC Initial LiSi Press System and demonstrates investing and pressing as well as pressing parameters, while sharing some useful tips and recommendations for getting familiar with the material.

Duration: 7 minutes

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Get a comprehensive overview of new aesthetic dental ceramics in this On Demand webinar presented by Dr. Miles Cone, Prosthodontist and Certified Dental Technician and Lucas Lammott, Dental Lab Owner and Technician.

Game Changer: Exploring New High-Strength Aesthetic Dental Ceramics

Presenters: Dr. Miles Cone and Lucas Lammott

Free Self-Study

Earn 1 CE credit

Duration: 1 hour


The mandate on today’s dental clinicians to deliver predictable high-strength and highly aesthetic restorations is continually increasing. Lithium disilicate glass ceramic has been readily accepted as the standard restoration of choice by technicians for meeting the expectations of the dentists they work with and their patients. With the introduction of revolutionary new lithium disilicate systems, additional options to satisfy the demand for improved treatment outcomes are now available to the dental laboratory technician. This CE webinar will utilize several case studies to illustrate the range of indications and benefits that these new high-strength materials possesses and to demonstrate how they are positioned to change the game for this class of dental ceramics.


Upon completion of this CE webinar, the student will have

  • Reviewed the physical properties of newly introduced press ceramics that contribute to the improved strength and aesthetics of the material
  • Determined the chairside/benchtop protocols that will ensure the highest quality final product at delivery
  • Applied new concepts and techniques with the dental clinic and laboratory   


Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 09.56.12




Product Review: Master Our Latest Specialized Veneering Ceramic – GC Initial™ LiSi

GC Initial LiSi

Do you want to know what it’s like to use GC’s Initial LiSi product? Joshua Polansky, dental technician and owner of Niche Dental Studio, recently tested Initial LiSi on a number of cases and was surprised by the results. This is what he had to say:

Here are five reasons why you should consider GC Initial LiSi:

  1. Superior natural aesthetics, specially designed and adapted to the light dynamics of lithium disilicate frameworks
  2. Low firing temperature and exactly cross-matched coefficients of thermal expansion with high stability, even after multiple firings
  3. Comprehensive shade and layering system
  4. Simple handling and short learning curve
  5. Quick, aesthetic and economical results


If you are interested in using Initial LiSi yourself, why not take advantage of our two-week promotion?

Buy 1 Initial LiSi Advanced Set, Get 1 Initial LiSi Basic Set FREE! ($702 Retail Value)

Offer valid from 5/11/2015 – 5/25/2015


Inside the GC Initial LiSi Basic Set

Fulfills the need of the minimal layering technique on top of the LiSi frame.

  • 6 main Vita(TM) shades (all 16 Vita (TM) shades available as refills)
  • 1 Bleach Shade
  • Enamels & Translucent
  • Modeling Liquid
  • Printed Shade Guide
  • Technique Guide

Inside the GC Initial LiSi Advanced Set

Fulfills the need of the more elaborate aesthetic layering technique on top of the LiSi frame.

  • Insides
  • Fluo dentines
  • Enamel opalescent
  • Cervical translucent
  • Modelling liquid
  • Printed shade guide

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