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Countdown to GC’s 100th Anniversary!


GC will be celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2021. For the purpose of communicating to all societies its slogan of “Smile for the World” toward the realization of “Vision 2021”, targeting at the year of 2021, GC had designed a symbol in February 2017 to convey the concept of “GC Contributing to Health and Smile of People in the World”.

On this occasion, GC has added another message of “Since 1921 Towards Century of Health” to that symbol and started a “Countdown” in the wake of 1,000 days left to February 11, 2021 being its 100th anniversary. The symbol hopes to convey its message that GC has been devoting over a century to the development and provision of equipment, contributing to the health of people through dental care, and intends to further accelerate the momentum toward the 100th anniversary by broadly communicating how the “Colleagues” of GC will continue to move forward hand in hand. You can find the status of the “Countdown” at the top our homepage.

This symbol will be used on a variety of occasions until the 100th anniversary.

Understanding the 21st century as the “Century of Health”, GC aims to become the best comprehensive dental care manufacturer in the world that will, through dental care, continue to encourage people all over the world to live.

The GC Group will further make cooperative efforts so we can continue to contribute to the health and smile of people in the world. GC greatly appreciates your continued guidance and support.

G-CEM LinkForce®: One System, Multiple Indications

Restorative dentistry has advanced at a great pace in the past decade, offering a myriad of new and updated materials that are stronger and more aesthetic than ever before. Dentists are now able to deliver more natural-looking and durable restorations, which continues to raise expectations for patients. But even the most beautiful restorations won’t be of any use if they don’t last, which is why dentists need a reliable and easy-to-use cement.


In response to this market need, GC America launched, G-CEM LinkForce, a multi-purpose, dual-cured, radiopaque, universal adhesive resin cement system. This one convenient kit is all you need for all restorative procedures, from lithium disilicate, ceramics and hybrid ceramics, as well as zirconia, PFMs and precious metals, glass fiber posts, and veneers.


G-CEM LinkForce offers secured adhesion in one system, with three base elements:

  1. G-Premio BOND™: bonding to preparations with no compromises

Bonds to teeth, metal abutments and composite core build-ups

  1. G-Multi Primer™: ensures a stable adhesion to restorations

Stable chemical adhesion to surfaces, even on precious metals

  1. G-CEM LinkForce: provides a strong bond in virtually all indications

Universal clinical use


Experts agree


Since its introduction to the market, clinicians have frequently endorsed G-CEM LinkForce. The product received a rating of ‘excellent’ by The Dental Advisor Editor’s Choice and was evaluated by 26 consultants who found it to be a complete and versatile system for multiple applications. It was lauded for aesthetic results in terms of consistency of shades, as well as good viscosity and low film thickness. It was further commended for its great consistency of mix, being easy to use and clean up, as well as having excellent laminated instructions for use.


Consultant comments included:

  • “G-CEM LinkForce is a superb multi-purpose
  • “Having everything in one kit is a plus, no more hunting around.”
  •  “I liked the long working time and the ease of clean-up.”
  •  “The etchant has a very good consistency, and the tips are helpful.”
  • “Try-in paste is always a plus.”
  • “I like the dual-cured option, and that G-Premio Bond can bond to any material in any mode.”
  •  “Very versatile, with multiple uses on different substructures.”


In addition, in a recent webinar recording entitled Game Changer: Exploring New High-Strength Aesthetic Dental Ceramics, co-presenter, Dr. Miles Cone, Prosthodontist and Dental Technician commented about the material: “This is a really strong, tenacious cement… One of the things that I like about this cement is that it comes with a complimentary try-in paste [in the complete kit]”.


G-CEM LinkForce is a dual-cure adhesive resin cement for cementation of all types of indirect restorations and is indicated for:

  • Cementation of all types of all ceramic, resin and metal-based inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges
  • Cementation of metal, ceramic, fiber posts, and cast post and cores
  • Cementation of all ceramic and composite veneers (up to 2 teeth)
  • Permanent cementation of crowns and bridges on implant abutments


G-CEM LinkForce is aesthetic and stable:

  • Four shades to match cementation needs, accompanied by their corresponding try-in pastes
  • Tooth–like fluorescence
  • Color stable over time




For a detailed product overview with step by step technique instructions, watch this video clip (duration: 6:30 minutes)

 Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 09.47.36


G-CEM LinkForce is easy to use


G-CEM LinkForce is designed to be easy to use, making it a fuss-free way to gain a high aesthetic quality and color stability with tooth–like fluorescence and four shades to match all needs.

  • *High bond strength thanks to efficient light-curing
  • Incredibly thin film thickness not interfering with crown placement/li>
  • Self-cure mode
  • Particularly useful when cementing opaque or thick restorations/li>
  • Optimal light-curing of the resin cement
  • Ideal for the cementation of veneers/li>


Clinical Tips

  • Tack cure for no more than 5 seconds, it is difficult to remove excess once it has set.
  • Make sure to follow the instructions for use for the specific application.
  • Take a follow-up radiograph to check that all excess cement is removed.
  • Separate components into what normally gets used versus what rarely gets used.



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Two New Products from GC America by Dr. Thomas Dudney

GC America has recently introduced two new products, G-Premio BOND™ and G-ænial Sculpt®. G-Premio Bond is a one bottle, universal (8th generation) adhesive that has a reliable bond to enamel and dentin and can be used in conjunction with a total etch, self etch, or selective etch technique. It is compatible with all direct restoratives and due to a very thin film thickness (3 µm) can also be used with indirect restorations when light cured. It features a new bottle design for more precise dispensing and temperature control and can be used to treat dentin hypersensitivity.

G-ænial Sculpt is a light-cured, universal, nano-hybrid composite with a uniform nano-filler dispersion that provides excellent wear resistance and a very low particle plucking rate. It is available in 17 shades (including opaque and enamel shades) and with its excellent polish and high gloss retention can be used equally well for anterior and posterior restorations. In addition, GC testing shows additional polish can be gained in mouth for up to 12 months through daily tooth brushing.

The following clinical case will demonstrate the use of G-Premio BOND universal adhesive and G-ænial Sculpt universal, nano-hybrid composite:



After administering a local anesthetic, tooth #31 was isolated with a rubber dam for the removal of the occlusal-buccal amalgam.


After removal of the amalgam and recurrent decay, the tooth was treated with an anti-microbial, rinsed, and lightly air dried.


A total etch technique was based on clinician preference and a desire for higher bond strength to uncut enamel. A ten second application (following manufacturer instructions) of G-Premio BOND was followed by air drying to evaporate the solvent followed by light curing.


Next, a layer of G-ænial™ Universal Flo was placed in the floor of prep and light cured.


G-ænial Sculpt in unitip delivery (Shade A1) was placed, shaped, and light cured in two increments.


G-ænial Sculpt has excellent handling properties, in that it is easy to shape and stays in place.


The rubber dam was removed, occlusion checked, and the restoration was polished. The barium glass filler in G-ænial Sculpt provides a superior polish and high gloss retention and its chameleon effect blends well with surrounding tooth structure. 


Furthermore, G-ænial Sculpt is self-polishing with tooth brushing and is very radiopaque, making it easy to see on radiographs.

Clinical Evidence: EQUIA Performs Like Composite in Class I and Class II Fillings

Results from an independent four-year randomized clinical trial* which evaluated the clinical performance of EQUIA were recently published in a leading oral health journal. The study, led by Professor Sevil Gurgan from the Department of Restorative Dentistry at Hacettepe University in Turkey, concluded that EQUIA performs like composite in Class I and Class II fillings, offering a durable solution for posterior restorations.

These findings support the growing evidence of EQUIA’s favorable properties as a restorative solution, highlighting the evolution of glass ionomer restorative materials in recent years and paving the way for modern dentistry.

Reliable posterior restorations

The clinical trial was conducted on permanent posterior teeth both in Class 1 and Class 2 carious lesions of young patients with the average age of 24 years. A total of 140 fillings (80 Class 1 and 60 Class 2) in 59 patients was restored with EQUIA and Gradia restorative systems. Two independent examiners evaluated at baseline and at one, two, three, and four years post restoration according to the modified US Public Health Service criteria. Polyvinyl siloxane impression negative replicas at each recall were observed under scanning electron microscopy (SEM) to evaluate surface characteristics.

The clinical efficacy of EQUIA and Gradia Direct Posterior was determined by evaluating the anatomical form, color match, marginal discoloration, marginal adaptation, secondary caries occurrence, and retention at one year and annually for four years.

The trial’s results showed that neither EQUIA nor Gradia restorations were downgraded in anatomical form, secondary caries, surface texture, postoperative sensitivity, and color match during the four years. Based on these results, Professor Gurgan and the team concluded that the use of both materials for the restoration of posterior teeth exhibited a similar and clinically successful performance after four years.

“Glass ionomer cements were introduced to the dental market as a replacement for amalgam restorations, particularly in Europe where in many countries now, the use of amalgam for tooth restorations decreases day by day. The demand of patients for non-metallic restorations has also increased a lot in recent years. The ongoing clinical trial results show that the new generation of glass ionomer cements or the reinforced glass ionomer cements could be used an alternative to amalgam or other tooth-colored restorative materials in permanent dentition,” Professor Gurgan commented.

This is good news for dentists who want to offer their patients a cost-effective and durable restoration that is aesthetic and also has the oral health benefits of a glass ionomer restorative.

* Four-year Randomised Clinical Trial to Evaluate the Clinical Performance of a Glass Ionomer Restorative System, Operative Dentistry 2015, 40-1

On-Demand Webinar: Esthetic Alternatives to Direct Composites

In today’s increasingly competitive market place it is important to find efficient and effective means for streamlining the real bread and butter of your practice – namely, direct restorative dentistry.

To help you diversify your dentistry, GC America hosts a number of on demand online classes with expert presenters. Accessible at no cost, the online classes are ideally suited to busy dentists who want to learn on the go. Read more about one of these top rated online classes below:

On-demand webinar: Esthetic Alternatives to Direct Composites with Mark Pitel, DMD, FAGD, FACD, FIADFE

Duration: 65 minutes

Date: On demand

Class overview:

While many people have some level of knowledge regarding glass ionomers, very few are aware of the advances that have been made since this category first came on the market over 30 years ago. The versatility, vastly improved esthetics, and ease of use over the earliest generations have made this a reemerging and rapidly growing area of dentistry. In fact, some recent studies have shown that properly placed posterior glass ionomer restorations may actually offer a superior clinical life span to direct composites.

Incorporating glass ionomer cement in your clinical practice

Dr Mark Pitel discusses the properties of glass ionomer cements and how the materials have evolved in recent years. He outlines how the features such as adhesion, biocompatibility, easy placement, anti-cariogenicity, and resin modifications make the material a good solution in a number of restorative situations.

Techniques and tips are described on how to achieve esthetic and durable results with glass ionomer cement in a wide range of restorative conditions in comparison to composites available on the market. Clinical cases are shown and academic evidence to support these are also shared.

To access the online class click here

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